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Gran-sorb Absorbent Granules.

Gran-sorb granules absorb oils, solvents, lubricants, coolants, water, and most non-aggressive liquids on contact. Because Gran-sorb is made using waste material form select paper mills, it is safe for the environment and can be used on almost all types of spills and clean ups.
Why to choose Gran-sorb:

Gran-sorb cleans up easily and leaves no stains or abrasions behind.
Gran-sorb is wind resistant for outdoor clean-ups.
Gran-sorb selectively absorbs oil in water, and it is dust free.
Gran-sorb is safe for all types of spills.
Gran-sorb is fire resistant.
Gran-sorb is safe to use in food manufacturing facilities.
Gran-sorb soaks up spill fast, holds liquids with no leaching.
Gran-sorb is easy on floors and work surfaces.
Gran-sorb is Anti static, good for wide variety of applications.
Gran-sorb has 1:1 weight - weight absorbency ratio.
Gran-sorb absorbs better than clay and most other industrial absorbents.
Gran-sorb is made from 100% post consumer paper waste materials.
Gran-sorb contains no dangerous or hazardous materials.
Gran-sorb is 100% biodegradable - breaks down naturally.
Keeps thousands of tons of waste material out of landfills each year.
OMRI listed and safe for organic use.
Gran-sorb Safety Data Sheet: copy link.
Gran-sorb Absorbent Suggested Applications List.
Gran-sorb Absorbent Partial List of Solvents