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Product Code: OPS-100M
Oil Absorbent Pads, Plain, Medium Weight, Pack of 100.

Oil absorbents are white in color and are best suited for use with Oil based spills such as Lubricants, Fuels and Oils. Their hydrophobic nature actively repels water and will float on water even when saturated with oils.
  • To absorb, control and contain spills.
  • Designed to use for widespread spills on any surface.
  • Can be used on foot traffic areas.
  • Drum toppers designed to fit on top of drum and helps to absorb liquid spills while filling or dispensing.
  • Available in form of Melt-blown, Anti-Static, Bonded &  Bonded Laminated.
  • The most economical absorbent product in oil-only range.
  • Plain, high lofted, melt-blown polypropylene provides maximum absorbency.
  • High strength even when fully saturated.
  • Rapid and excellent absorption capacity and fluid retention.
  • Hydrophobic helps to repel water and float helps for easy retrieval.
  • Manufactured for petroleum product based liquid spills.
  • Product Code: OPS-100M
  • Description: Oil-Only, Plain Melt-blown Pads
  • Technical Specification: Hydrophobic Sorbents
  • Composition: Polypropylene Melt-blown
  • Product Color & Design: White, Plain & Perforated.
  • Pad Size: 50cm X 40cm.
  • Pack Size: Pack of 100.
  • Absorbency Per Pack: 108 Liters.
  • Absorbency Per Piece: 1.08 Liters.
  • Weight Per Pack: 5.4 Kg.
  • Weight Basis: Medium Weight